Monday, January 13, 2014

Evaluate the effectiveness of Aboriginal Customary Law compared with Australian law in regards to punishment and ownership.

In 1788, British virtue overrode native customary law in Australia. Although only Australian uprightness (of a usual police heavy system) is officially recognised nowadays, customary penaltys impart been adopted in several cases. Australian uprightness and car park Law argon very different. The statement - Law is composition on person and fellowship beliefs and set. These concepts atomic number 18 true for Australian Law and for accustomed Law - suggests that differences mingled with the good systems arise from the different beliefs and values held by the cardinal societies. In Australian Law, punishment is a receipt to an abominable act. Punishment intromits winning away liberty and/or taking away property. Punishment is issued by a tribunal ground on the offenders criminal accounting, and sometimes age and sex. However, in Customary Law, the punishment is establish on the sex, status and history of twain offender and victim. Punishments are based on the make on the victim rather than on the actual wrongdoing. Thus, punishments are utilize as retri exception. Punishments in customary law include restitution, verbal and physical abuse, magic, exclusion, banishment and dying. Both legal systems use punishments that mark the way the confederation and individuals perceive punishment and offences. Customary Law punishments involve the use of corporal and capital punishment because Aborigines do not perceive physical force or expiry as being wrong for punishment. However, in the Australian legal system, such punishment is not used because of individual and community values. The different punishments also reflect what is important to individuals. In Australian Law, taking away property is a punishment because contemporaneous Australians value ownership. In customary law, exclusion and banishment were apply for serious offences because of strong kinship beliefs. The use of different punishments in Australian and Customary La w shows that both systems are based on indiv! idual and community beliefs and values. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
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