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record book Report Name: Terry Kim figure: 2006 9/10 Book Title: annoy muck around and the Chamber of Secrets Author: J. K. Rowling names of the main characters: The main characters of lecture Potter series are chevvy Potter, Ronald Weasley, Hermione Granger, Vorldemort. devastate was a boy who lived when Voldemort tried to kill him. He is chivalric and he is also special from others because talents in e trulything, he could obviate water on a broom well, potful give tongue to to snakes, and other things compliments those. He grew up with his cousin because his incur and mother was killed by Voldemort. Ron is unplayful booster of beset, he is erect at playing chess. He has many older brothers and merely one younger sister. Hermione is a muggle born, she was just an ordinary person, she was non a witch, hardly she is smarter than the other students. They are all second course students. Voldemort is an savage wiza rd that tries to take over the world. He killed Harrys parents and tried to kill Harry but Voldemort died sort of of kill Harry because of his mothers magic, so Harry is very famous for that romance. Where does the score take turn up: The story of Harry Potter takes place in England, place where no people can find out easily, it is where the magic domesticate Hogwarts is. Some places in London and other parts of England too, but mostly in abandoned place, Hogwarts. When does the story take place: The time is round near to the modern but a little bit to the past. So the muggles world in multifariousness of modern time in the story of Harry Potter. computer address Study: Harry Potter Physical similarity: Harry is not that strong or weak. He is kind of a beggar looking because their cousins did not care about him and be rough on him so he was raised indisposed through his 12 years before going to Hogwarts. So he does not look g ood. Personality: He has a good personali! ty, he is kind, he thinks a lot, and he is chivalric plenty to to do high risk behaviors or dangerous...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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