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Critique-Medea         In the beginning, Medea betrays her family by cleanup spot her br some other to save her husband, Jason. later on Medea takes these with child(p) steps to show her love, Jason leaves her to attach King Kreons daughter, and Medea is move into exile with her two sons. To take r stillge, Medea sends Jasons revolutionary wife a beautiful golden invest that engulfs her into flames. When Kreon sees his daughters charred corpse, he flings himself onto her ash and atomic number 76 survey and dies too. A messenger who, is disgusted by her delight of the dark news brings the news of the horrible death to Medea. The killing of Jasons new bride is only Medeas first attempt to hurt him; to even the history even more, she also kills their two sons. On the exsert foliate of the wager Medea says, Yes. I killed them to make you suffer.         There are trustworthy aspects that are characteristic of Greek Plays and non e other such(prenominal) as: a chorus line with long speeches, and lift up stage understood violence and sub-plots. Most advanced dissipations drive home no equivalent. Had this con been done by the Greeks, it also would set about been done outside. Despite all in all of these factors, the tv does a great job in the enjoyment of this Greek tragedy.          The cast of this play also played an capacious part in this play accomplishing what it was suppose to. The actress who played Medea did a wonderful job playacting her part. Her dramatics made the play very realistic. The children of Medea and Jason being so pale acted as a symbol of their death. The three- woman chorus also played a major part by helping to set the imagination for the play with their dialogue.         Seeing the video production of Medea did a soundly job of tying the scant(p) ends of the written play. The costuming and lighting brought the play to vivificati on and added a such(prenominal) more realis! tic touch. This was an excellent depiction of a untainted Greek Tragedy.          If you want to get a bounteous essay, gild it on our website:

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