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booking agent T . chapiter and W .E .B DuBois ViewsNameCourseUniversityTutorDate booker T . upper-case letter letter and W .E .B DuBois were both African Americans who devoted their duration in the struggle for freedom of the blacks in America Booker Taliaferro Washington was a well-educated man who was born(p) in April fifth , 1856 and died on 14th November 1915 . He was born from a slave family exclusively later was freed from slavery when he was pipe down a child . On the other hand , DuBois was born in 1865 on the 23rd of February in Massachusetts . His practiced label are William Edward Burghardt DuBois . He was a relentless African American activist who fought for rights of the blacks in America . The both activists differed in their set out to be used in achieving comparison and freedom for the African Americans . This is what this essay volition discuss close to . I will also compare and contrast their views on leadership and the essence of achieving climb onThese ii leaders had definite similarities for example both were against racial discrimination , segregation of blacks by the whites because of their color and agreed that discrimination had to be fought . However , the two differed when it came to the means to be used in achieving these objectivesDuBois often criticized the onslaught that Booker T .Washington was using . DuBois intelligence had been shaped by the experience he gained after consumption some clipping with the liberal whites in the academy that he attended and and so he was able to think out of doors the box . Booker T Washington believed that blacks would not light upon an equal office with the whites by resorting to open hostility but he believed that it was but with hard work that they would progress (Hine D .C . and Harold 2003 45-97 . He was positive (p) that the first step that was to be taken! by the unforgivings in to prosper was to create a strong economic substructure for them . He devoted all(a) his energies towards realization of this goal . He was win over that the Whites were superior to Blacks only if because they were able to work hard and that if the Black Americans emb traveld the same , so they would uplift their social status to be equal to that of the Whites . He strongly held the belief that no race in the full-length world could survive without owning any airplane propeller having no skills , no economic foundation and the required intelligenceTo him the only way of Blacks achieving this was through learning the industrial raising . He took it upon himself to spread education in the country areas . He showed the rural farmers how they could start dainty businesses on their farms to supplement what they had . Farmers were taught on the techniques to follow up so that they could enlarge their harvest . Booker T .Washington neer hated the whit es and never thought of how the Blacks could revenge but sooner he see the two races as intertwined . Unlike DuBois who believed that the two races were supposed to...If you need to get a full essay, purchase order it on our website:

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