Tuesday, March 26, 2019

EASTERN RELIGIONS Essay -- essays research papers

pile in America today seem to be only implicated with them. They are ever so looking out for number one. That is a distilion that has been taught to us for years. Along with another popular precept you micklet please e preciseone all(a) of the time. These are just a couple of examples of how Americans are taught to be selfish. Sure, mum and dad always teach genero positiony to their young children, only when in this order of magnitude, those lessons diminish with age. We learn that life isnt always fair and people dont always have to share if they dont want to. In this so-called free coun get a line, the rich people get everything and the poor get nothing. This type of environment has caused a buy at race among the people. He who has the most wins. In America it is for the most money, except there are many other people in the innovation who might disagree. What would they want the most of? you ask. Well, that depends on whom you ask.     When you tak e a stir up half way around the world, the values are totally divers(prenominal). The east religions, Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, to name a few, practice very different beliefs. They are more(prenominal) centered on love thy neighbor than the Christian Religion. This is not to feel out that Christians are price or act wrongfully, it just says that the difference in beliefs generates a significant difference in society. Here in America, our society claims we should love thy neighbor, but it tends to depend on who the neighbor is. We want our neighbors to be just like us. If they are not, then it be surveys more difficult to ground compassion. The easterly religions practice compassion for all people, no matter who or what they are. In America, compassion is scarce. Its predominant in families and in small towns, but in the larger cities, it is hard to see if it exists at all. A mental picture has been made illustrating this point. It is called "Falling Down". It is ab out a man who has pose to the end of his rope. He is tired of the way society has treated him, and he begins to fight back. He thinks he is doing the right thing, but he at long last comes to authorizedize that to do the right thing you cant think only of yourself.     The celluloid opens with a traffic jam the mans license plate reads "D-Fens" This becomes his name since his real name is never told. It takes place in Los Angeles on a very hot day. This traffic jam is significant be... ...ear. However, when Rand feels all the creativity is confounded when you give up the self, I feel she was wrong. I dont think the Eastern Religions intended for that at all. They still feel you should be educated and express yourself just not with trivial knowledge that encourages you to think of yourself as break than others. I know that is the case with Taoism. I agree with this religion in certain areas. For instance, in the movie "Falling Down", D-fens definitely move too hard for what he wanted and therefore he failed. alone I feel there are things you do have to try your hardest for. If you want to succeed at school, for example, you have to work you cant just sit back and hope natures course gives you an A. I suppose thats where the eastern religions would come in and say that I must be wanting the wrong things. But I know that in this society, in this time, and in this life, I want to be happy. How that will be achieved, Im still unsure. Some people require many possessions and money to be happy. Others believe happiness can only be achieved when possessions are given up. The world is very different in its beliefs. As I said before, it all depends on whom you ask.

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