Friday, March 22, 2019

the wasteland Essay -- essays research papers

Throughout his presentation of capital of the United Kingdom and its citizens, Eliot creates a tremendous and oppressive sense impression of inertia and stagnation. He evokes brilliantly both the literal wasteland which earth War One left and also the profound spiritual dissatisfaction which publicy an(prenominal) at that time felt, as well as the need for a rebirth or resurrection.The first words of this section Unreal metropolis convey perfectly the sense of awe and even dread with which Eliot views London life sentence. There is something incredibly intense and surreal about this opening, which leads fittingly on to images of hell, war and dissatisfaction.It is clear that Eliot perspective much of life was going nowhere, with people, deal water, moving but never reaching a true stopping point or conclusion A crowd flowed over London span and he links this image in a dream-like way to Dantes reaction to the dead in limboSo many, It had not thought death had undone so many That the people Eliot is describing are very not dead, makes this all the more haunting, as though London life is actually a living death. In fact, because Dante was talking of those who even in life had never really experienced anything, Eliot also conveys a scary sense of dissatisfaction and isolation, with no-one ever really connecting to those around themSighs, short and infrequent, were exhaled, And each man fixed his eyes before his feet.Into this bleak vision of loneliness, the brief fervor of recognising a face in the crowd There I ...

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