Saturday, April 20, 2019

Cause and Effect;What would be the effects of dropping out of high Essay

safari and EffectWhat would be the effects of dropping out of high shallow - Essay Example extravagantly school dropouts will hardly provide any meaningful skills to the job market and therefore, non adapted to secure good jobs. This causes a sharp drop in living standards among high school dropouts. deficiency of education means lack of skills needed by most employers if not all. This leaves high school dropouts with no choice than to do the unskilled jobs that argon lowly paid. Whereas this is a passing game to the employment sector, most of the loss occurs to the dropouts since they forego the gratification that comes with professional jobs. Such dropouts can hardly support their families with the little income they find. More notably, they are most likely to create a poor generation since their family foundations are already economically unstable. With the change magnitude problems associated with global economic crisis, high school dropouts are most likely to face overwhe lming contender and difficult living conditions.US governance has to make a huge budgetary allocation all year in aid for the poor families that cannot support themselves. A great number of high school dropouts add to this burden every year. This is because as they can hardly support themselves economically. Additionally, they nurture families that are not economically stable thereby adding more pressure to the already heavily burdened government spending. For instance, the government has to struggle raising funds to support a healthcare program for the poor even when the poor, such as high school dropouts, cannot afford to contribute financially to the program.Poor living conditions and lack of supporting is a prerequisite to criminal activities. Criminal activities are most likely to be more normal among high school dropouts due to inability to generate enough income. High school dropouts hardly have any option apart from engaging in criminal activities due to the overwhelmi ng competition in the modern society. More notably, high school dropouts are, most certainly, likely to associate with

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