Monday, April 22, 2019

Yourself & your best qualities or leadership skills are Essay

Yourself & your scoop qualities or attractionship skills are - Essay ExampleI realized that if I will work upon the ability of mine I could become a good leader. In this attempt to become an individual with good and strong leadership, I learned a lot. According to numerous early(a)s and me, the best qualities of mine are dialogue and emotional intelligence.Over the period with various experiences, I learnt that good conversation is not just about(predicate) presenting ideas in a better way but is also about good skills of listening and understanding other person point of view without any mental assay and pre-conceived blockage. Only an individual who is able to listen to others better will be able to make other listen to him because communication is a two-way street. Emotional intelligence helped me to understand the background, importance and value hatful assign to their beliefs and perception regarding any subject. This understanding helped me to communicate better by help ing me to develop my communication content in a more correct manner so that it does not harm the enterprisingness by being disregardful to the individual being communicated to.Besides these, the most important quality of a leader is his vision and strategy towards the goal and about its achievement procedure (What are Good Leadership Skills, 2007). It is prerequisite for a leader to have vision to see the long-term effects of the strategies in place and the prospective need for the organization. Only when a leader would be able to develop his strategies in regards of future benefits and goals he would be able to lead his team in a better way. This again is something, which I am learning with time and experience, and in this regard, experience is the best teacher.I firmly believe that realizing the importance of teamwork is an requisite attribute of a good leader. This is because if a leader were not able to realize the importance and mightiness of teamwork, then there would not be much difference in a leader and a dictator. A team of qualified

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