Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Educational Outline Program Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Educational Outline Program - Essay modelingTherefore, the class aims to expand the available knowledge of the sucks and initiate them to regain critical skills competence (Hammer & Craig, 2008). Program interpretation The program takes into account that these treasures have the fundamental knowledge on nursing theories (Liaw, Scherpbier, Klainin & Rethans, 2011). Unlike in the student-to-nurse diversity receptor program, the nurses do not have critical uncertainty issues. Therefore, the role of the program is to help them enter into the career successfully and with minimum interruptions. The program brings the depth of caring and the nursing insight from their previous experiences in the healthcare environment. The program further familiarizes the alert nurses with the stark naked technology in use, the present management of the medical exam and surgical conditions and other evidence found improvements within the nursing care work. The refresher program go forth cater f or a vast enumerate of practitioners. It addresses areas that concern several groups of nursing personnel. Therefore, it is applicable for the following battalion the first is all inactive registered nurses. Secondly, it caters for the foreign nurses who are getting ready for license exams in the agricultural and advanced practice nurses who are reentering the workforce. It also caters for nurses who are changing specialties from a department to another, administrators and other nurse leaders who wish to update their clinical knowledge. It is an extensive program, whose implementation will assist many nation and improve the healthcare service in the hospitals. Anticipatory set The setting of the ladder outline requires that the nurse taking the refresher program complete theory-sitting classes. The program also has incorporated practical hours in which the nurse... This topic approves that the program has objectives that it aims to achieve at the end of the training session. T he program aims to ensure that upon completing the whole ladder of refreshing, the nurse can practice safely and consequently be competent enough to handle and entertain critical care units such as the Intensive Care Unit without challenges. This program is not for new entries into the practice, but rather people who practiced and left for some period. Therefore, the learning objective hopes to instill a problem solving strategy within the nurses so they can provide care within a wide range of the patient population. Lastly, the third objective of the learning process in this refresher course is to grow critical skills that use evidence based approach in assessing and managing the patients. The program further familiarizes the refreshing nurses with the new technology in use, the present management of the medical and surgical conditions and other evidence based improvements within the nursing care work. The refresher program will cater for a vast number of practitioners. It addres ses areas that concern several groups of nursing personnel. This essay makes a conclusion that the nursing profession is quite competitive. Similarly, the expectations on the nurses are remarkably high. Therefore, with this practical refresher course program for nurses, the local hospitals, as well as, the health care sector will manage the wide gap of nursing personnel shortage. This refresher program offers the opportunity to former practicing nurses to become useful in their area of profession.

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