Saturday, June 1, 2019

Beatrix Potter: Not Just an Author of Childrens Stories Essay

Beatrix Potter Not upright an Author of Childrens StoriesHelen Beatrix Potter was born at No 2, Bolton Gardens, South Kensington, Middlesex (now in Greater London), England on July 28, 1866. She was the save daughter of a well-to-do London family, and her parents were heirs to a cotton fortune 4. Her family was a typical Victorian family, living in a large stomach with several servants. Beatrixs younger brother, Bertram, was born when she was six years old, and the children were schooled at home by a governess until Bertram was old enough to attend school. Beatrix stayed home and was cared for by a string of governesses who encouraged her to read and write, and introduced her to music and art 3.Beatrix spent much of her childhood in solitude, only seeing her parents at bedtime and on special occasions. From a young age, Beatrix was fascinated by nature. Her family went on annual summer holidays in Scotland and the Lake territory. It was here that she and Bertram collected animal s, skeletons, and fossils together. They sketched and painted pictures of the plants and animals they saw, and often went to the Natural History Museum to learn more. As they traveled the countryside, Beatrix gained not only first-hand experience, but also a deep love and knowledge of the countryside. It was this combination that makes her books so special 2. Although her parents were a bit protective and discouraged her from forming friendships with other children, Beatrix always had her brother for company, not to mention a whole menagerie of pets. The children kept the pets in their schoolroom, and carefully studied and drew them. close to all of Beatrixs famous characters from her books are based on pets she had. For example, Benjamin... ... prize sheep, and a philanthropist. She is immortalized both through her books, which continue to bring delight to children, and through the lovely Lake District in England, which she helped to preserve 2. The picture of Beatrix Potter cam e from http//,5716,62630+1+61079,00.html?query=beatrix%20 Works Cited and Consulted1. Beatrix Potter and the Lake District. http// (23 Sept. 2000).2. Beatrix Potter - More Than Just a Rabbits Tale http// (23 Sept. 2000).3. Beatrix Potters Life. http// (23 Sept. 2000).4. Potter, (Helen) Beatrix. http//,5716,62630+1+61079,00.html?query=beatrix%20potter (23 Sept. 2000).

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