Saturday, June 8, 2019

Ritz Carlton Hotels and Service quality Research Paper

Ritz Carlton Hotels and Service quality - Research Paper ExampleThe Ritz Carlton has developed excellent service delivery strategies, which enable it to stay at the merry-go-round (Reiss, 2009). This paper will look at some of the strategies, and how these ideas have shaped the way for other hotels to embrace service quality as a authority of acquiring and retaining customers.For the Ritz Carlton, customer service is something they invest in, offering their employees more than a hundred hours of customer service education so as to ensure their cookery when dealing with customers. When organizations in the hotel industry neglect the aspect of improving service quality in favor of cutting costs, they are doing a great disservice to their customers and the organizations stakeholders. The Ritz Carlton, in its bid to be the best, implements the three steps of service, which involves welcoming customers, anticipation and compliance, and fond farewells (Reiss, 2009). Customers create bo nds and relationships with employees, hence creating an exceptional reputation in the whole industry.In the three steps of service, a warm welcome is part of the package for customers. Whenever guests arrive, it is customary to greet them and address them using their names when and if possible. In this strategy, there is the anticipation and fulfillment of the guests needs. In this case, the employees anticipate what the guests needs may be, and helps in fulfilling them to the customers satisfaction. This brings in a kindly relationship between the people involved. A fond farewell, which is part of this package, enables the customers to feel like they are leaving a part of them behind, which makes it easier to make a try whenever possible (Verma, 2012).The twelve service values is a strategy that allows the employees to bring forth the brands promise to its customers and guests. In this strategy, each starts with letter I, which works to demonstrate the power

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