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The Amarna Letters Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

The Amarna Letters - Essay ExampleThe development of the website targets researchers so that they can be fitted to address several issues associated with the study of the archaeological documents. The evaluation of the diametric language use is depicted in the website finished the use of the various sources to develop a comprehensive understanding of the clay tables associated with Amarna. The source offers a wide range of original documents in images form, thus vital secondary sources for research on issues associated with world-wide relations and politics. Davies, Simon. The Persian Gulf in the 1940s and the Question of an Anglo-American Middle East,. Journal of History, 2010 64-88. The article by Simon Davies on the influence of the western world on the Anglo Middle East helps in understanding the Interg all overnmental relationships that existed within the states, before the development of the international community policies leading to the creation of the United Nation. The Middle East and Egypt had a varied approach in dealing with the issues of governance, education and marriages. The marriages between states were used to create harmony while developing alliances for the sake of developing international security. such(prenominal) development leads to the creation of harmony within the states thereby improving the quality of international relations. Despite the changes in leadership, several issues could be addressed between the courts of the different countries and the governments. The success of the governance can be evaluated in a sincere and illustrative approach. Davies addresses the live issues affecting international relations by comparing the ongoing government set up to the traditionalistic set up with kings and courts Introduction The letter of Amarna are viewed as the beginning of the international relation between countries and states. The letters addressed to several states have a different meaning and understanding because they presen t a challenge on the various fronts. The difficulty of understanding the traditional letter is based on the understanding of the traditional practices in the society. The letters target a vast range of people and country. There are over 323 letters written on stone clay tablets1. The role of Amarna letters in the establishment of international relations is the main focus of the essay. Amarna letters adorn the role of harmony and reduced aggression between countries in order to achieve success. The letters are written in the traditional set up that will require the understanding of the traditional roles of governments to understand Amarna approach to the situation. Cohen and Vestbrook offer insight on the nature of the relationship that existed between the Pharaohs of Egypt and the rest of the society through the use of various languages and actions2. Amarna diplomatic approach shows the role of communication and the preserving of the rights of the countries when dealing with intern ational relations. To analyze Amarna letters, several challenges exist that are addressed by Cohen and Vestbrook3. These challenges entangle the analysis and the ability to understand the various reasons for the approach. To understand the letters perfectly, scholars have evaluated the role and effect of the letter, in the international community, both in the past and the current situation. For the

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