Saturday, July 20, 2019

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Freud The theories of Sigmund Freud were advanced and are very influential to modern society. This Austrian physician and neurologist is commonly considered as having one of the greatest creative minds of recent times. Throughout his entire childhood Freud had been planning a career in law. Not long before he entered the University of Vienna in 1873 Freud decided to become a medical student. In school he met a boy that was much older than him. Looking up to him and respecting his thoughts, Freud developed a wish to study law as this older student did, and interact in social activities. Also at this time Freud was interested in the theories of Charles Darwin. He heard Goethe's beautiful essay on nature read aloud and that made him decide to become a medical student.2 He was drawn to a study of science and he wanted to solve problems facing the scientists of his day.3 His intention was not to be a conventional doctor but pressed by his "greed for knowledge," he studied philosophical-scientific questions.4 One of the scientists he studied he studied with was a French psychiatrist named Jean Martin Charcot who was the director of a mental hospital. Freud was impressed a great deal while he was with Charcot. He took a lot of interest in his latest investigations upon hysteria. Charcot's demonstrations provoked in many people a sense of astonishment and skepticism.5 Charcot's influence channeled Freud's interest toward psychopathology. He was Freud's model and had an insatiable willingness to see and listen.

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