Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Global warming Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Global warming - Research Paper Example Scientists predicted that the average temperatures to be experienced in the U.S. could increase by 3 to 9 degrees by the end of the century if global warming is not reduced (Simpson, 2008). Causes of Global Warming Global warming is caused when carbon dioxide, methane and other greenhouse gases pile up in the atmosphere like a thick blanket, traps the sun's heat and cause the planet to warm up. Naturally, global warming is caused by the release of methane gas from the arctic tundra and wetlands. Methane being a green house gas, traps heat in the earth’s atmosphere. On the other hand, the man-made causes include air pollution and overpopulation population. Burning of fossil fuels causes pollution in the earth’s atmosphere. Silver (2008) states that coal and oil, are examples of fossil fuels that cause air pollution. When these fuels are burnt, they emit carbon dioxide, which is a green house gas. In addition, during the mining of coal or oil, methane is also dug out as i t is naturally in the ground. High human and animal populations naturally imply the need for more food and transport. Because of these two, more fossil fuels are used which means that more greenhouse gases are released in the atmosphere. With a high population, more agricultural activities are done with the aim of increasing the food supply to the growing population. Methane is produced by manure, which is mainly used in agriculture. The increasing populations also use more cars implying an increase in the use of fuels and resultant pollution. According to Silver (2008), carbon dioxide contributes to global warming. The rising level of carbon dioxide from animals’ breaths worsens the situation. Also, Humans are destroying forests without planting more trees. Trees are valuable in the conversion of carbon dioxide to oxygen. The trend is worsening the global warming experienced in the earth. Global warming cause for serious concern The Union of Concerned Scientists (2010) concl uded that these effects can cause serious destructions. The effects include reduced snow accumulation due to melting glaciers, severe droughts causing more deaths and water shortage, rising sea levels leading to coastal flooding. A warmer temperature in the sea causes stronger hurricanes, which cause serious damage of property in Southeastern Atlantic and Gulf coasts. The wild fires experiences may lead to more loss of trees in the environment. Some plant destruction may lead to the extinction of some animal species because of the global warming. Warmer temperatures causing bad things to happen The increased heat and the warm condition are causing many damages in different parts of the world today. Simpson (2008) notes that the hotter conditions are causing a rise in the water levels in the sea. The melting of glaciers and ice in Antarctica and the greensands is causing the rise. The snow accumulation has reduced and the winter season are taking shorter time. Due to the rise in wate r levels, hurricanes and floods have been experienced by different countries. The extreme heat condition has also caused deaths in India and Europe. Wildfires have also been experienced in some states in America, and floods have caused a lot of damage to property and peoples lives. Global warming and hurricanes The strength of hurricanes is increased by global warming. The hurricanes are getting stronger and dangerous than before. The warm oceans and tropical storms make the hurricane become more powerful than it used to be. The change in

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