Thursday, July 25, 2019

Relationship between The USA Patriot Act & The Homeland Security Essay

Relationship between The USA Patriot Act & The Homeland Security - Essay Example It therefore it entails unlawful acts by organized groups aimed at sending their message to the government through violence, intimidation and attack on critical infrastructural facilities. In this paper I will be examining the strategic efforts by the United States to respond to, counter and deter future activities of terrorists on American soil as well as the entire globe. In the aftermath of the famous 9/11 attacks in new York, the US government through congress enacted a number of legislations aimed at increasing national the nations preparedness, response and deterrence of terrorism. Two legislations are central in informing national strategy against terrorism; there are, the USA Patriot Act and the Homeland Security Act both of which offer the necessary tools needed in intercepting and obstructing the act on America. This two acts ha since continued to play the central role of informing the USA’s efforts to counter terrorism in ways that are extremely significant. The USA Patriot Act was passed unanimously by the congress in October of the year 2001 providing the law enforcement agencies with the much needed tools for early detection and prevention of terrorism. It has improved national efforts at combating terrorism in a number of significant ways. The act has significantly increased capacity among law enforcers in terms of investigations; they are now able to use telephone transcripts, e-mail trails, financial records, medical and many others in studying suspected terrorists. This makes it easy together information on any foreign entities within the territorial confines of America. The act has also expanded Treasury Secretary’s powers in regulating financial conduct especially when foreign persons and organizations are involved. Law enforcers and immigration authorities also have more discretion when it comes to detaining and deporting any foreign immigrants on suspicion of association with terrorism (Bruce,

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