Monday, July 22, 2019

Troll Brothers SWOT Analysis Essay Example for Free

Troll Brothers SWOT Analysis Essay Toll Brothers designs, builds, markets and arranges financing for single family homes in middle and high income residential communities. It caters to ‘move-up’, ‘empty-nester’ and ‘age-qualified’ homebuyers. During the five years ended 2006, the company delivered 33,338 homes from 570 communities, including 8,601 homes from 350 communities in fiscal 2006 (Toll Brothers website, 2008). Its large scale of operations increases Toll Brothers bargaining power and helps it compete effectively against regional players. However, slowdown in the US housing market has resulted in lower demand for the companys products and has adversely affected its operations (Stabile and Whitten, 2000). The company offers comprehensive services for its customers. The company offers an extensive selection of colors and designs, such as marble and hardwood floors, Corian, granite, and a variety of selections for the homes exterior. The company’s offering of one-stop shopping enables home buyers to make all of their selections, both customization and color selections, in one location. In most of its single-family detached-home communities, the company offer at least four different house floor plans, each with several substantially different architectural styles. During the past year, the company introduced 112 new single-family detached models, 82 new single-family attached models and 81 new condominium models. In the homebuilding industry, consolidation has taken place with the largest builders making significant gains in market share. In 1991, the top ten builders built just 9% of the houses in the US, but by 2001, through a combination of internal growth and acquisition, the number had risen to 18%; in 2003, the number was above 20% (Hassell, Wong, Houser, Knopman and Bernstein, 2003). Homebuilding is an industry where small builders are having increasing difficulty in competing with their larger competitors. Compared to this, bigger companies like Toll Brothers could acquire smaller players to increase its share of the market. WORKS CITED Hassell, S., Wong, A., Houser, A., Knopman, D. Bernstein, M. (2003). Building Better Homes: Government Strategies for Promoting Innovation in Housing. Santa Monica, California: Rand. Stabile, D. Whitten, D. (2000). Community Associations: The Emergence and Acceptance of a Quiet Innovation in Housing. Westport, Connecticut: Greenwood Press. Toll Brothers website. (2008). Toll Brothers. Accessed March 25, 2008, from

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