Thursday, August 8, 2019

Cluster Competencies and their Behavior Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Cluster Competencies and their Behavior - Essay Example This, as the name suggests, is used to prioritize the work which was decided should be included in the above strategic orientation. This helps in further organizing the whole situation and focuses the attention of different subjects on the relevant topics so they can be compiled effectively and efficiently. This narrows down the task at hand even more. It basically looks at the results that wish to be achieved and then makes sure that the priorities have been set properly. This helps in maintaining a positive relationship with the task being designed and the overall result being achieved. This is the crux of cluster competency. It basically involves organization and maintaining a constant and positive flow of information in the form of updates on the project being performed with all the members involved in the job. This helps individuals adapt more easily to the situation and helps streamline all tasks so that more can be accomplished in less time. The work of a member acting as a leader is crucial. He is responsible for providing his team with direction and guidance so that they are not led astray and keep on track so that no energy is wasted in irrelevant work. This is vital to working as a group. ... Development Developing Self This competency in a person makes sure that he takes responsibility of himself and makes sure that he is responsible for his own self improvement. Developing Others This is vital to working as a group. Improving oneself while improving the performance of others while giving constructive criticism is going to help the group perform better and consequently improve performance. Developing Networks In the age of globalization, one task cannot be complete with just a normal group. This is why seeking and identifying any outside the group members within the organization will help in the fast processing of information like computer experts. Reasoning and management Critical Thinking This looks at the situation from a broader perspective to make sure that things are going according to plan. Problem solving A vital part in competencies is to manually identify by making a conscious effort and then find effective solutions for it. Decision making Once a problem has been identified, a decision should be made to effectively and efficiently solve it. This is vital to the whole situation otherwise there was no need for the other preceding parts. Communication Verbal Being clear in your conversations and eliminating any communication gaps is helpful before getting down to work. Written The need to make everything clear to others is vital because it doesn't matter how innovative someone is, if he cannot present his information in a proper and organized way in a report, he is useless for the team. Numerical Statistics need to be interpreted to make sure that the plan formed by the team is going to succeed or not. This can only be done by projecting numbers and interpreting information

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