Saturday, August 10, 2019

Global Investment Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Global Investment - Article Example This is the reason behind the industrial success of the nation as well as the admirable economy. On the other hand, Indians would work tirelessly to ensure that, he benefits optimally, through both corruption and fund embezzlement activities. Peter Killing, an American professor, confirm the above philosophy, as he proves to us that, Americans are the best business managers around the world. He further illustrates that the above is evident, from different surveys and education workshops held around the country. The topic arises as a result of the spirit of the American in adopting different environment with the aim to invest. The inclusions to consider when investing in a foreign nation are cultural differences, climate, language, and cost, among others. This is because they are determiners of the success or failures of the business ventures. The above inclusion will facilitate bridging the gap between the two nations. In regard to thriving businesses, like Cisco and Wall Street busters, comes the debate of future IPOs and NASDAQ stocks. Business success in any country comes due to technology, internet revolution, productivity levels and the spirit of the entrepreneurial ship. Ignorance of affairs in the world trade and materialism are hindrances in business development. Understanding the history of business in the country of choice and learning the language of the people of the country, contributes to a business success and also understanding the geographical conditions. A culture of the people in the new country is also noteworthy so that they can remove the `we have a foreign boss’ mindset. This helps in creating openness and befriending the people of that country, thus the success of the business. Managers said that operating a business in a foreign country would succeed first by learning the language of the people and their culture to create friendliness.  

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