Tuesday, August 6, 2019

My Motivational Touchstone Essay Example for Free

My Motivational Touchstone Essay I once spoke to a very well educated man whom I had never met before, have only spoken to him on the phone and found that he gave me some compelling thoughts that would change my life forever, He gave me courage and conviction that hopefully will make me whole again as a person. I am coming to the conclusion that I am writing a letter to myself and will be my personal motivational journal and success within myself. I could write for hours, days and weeks and tell a never ending story; however I must begin somewhere and end somewhere. My life of failure and true disappointments has been what I would call an educational disaster. I believe in the foundations of education, the roots of learning which stems from the roots of your soul and the passion in which you strive for. I pray for success and courage that I will make it. I want to do my best and like Florence Chadwick when she swam in the mighty ocean, she never saw the bottom, she only saw the shore line and sometimes that was even difficult, but with motivation, determination and most of all strength, she braved the darkest hours as well as the shining moments. Her arms and legs may have given out, but it certainly was her heart that did not quit. I will be brave in my mind, for I do not want my mental diseases to take over my heart and make me a quitter again. I have PTSD, and I have come up with an anagram for the 4 letters, Positive Thinking Shall Develop. This will be one of my motivation words that I will put by my mirror to make me smile and strive for that tassel of hope. I feel these two quotes represent my personality, the standards in which I live by and most of all, that I feel is motivation for me because it inspired me for two reasons, number one is education. I will find solace in knowing I have found my calling in health psychology with a concentration in PTSD and emotional, mental as well a physical abuse. (This happened to me). We cannot live better than in seeking to become better. † ? Socrates The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet. Aristotle The above quotes will forever be my shore line and the sand will never be rocky, only perfect with beautiful sea shells.

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