Sunday, August 25, 2019

Service Line Development Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Service Line Development - Term Paper Example Self paying patients have increased from 5 to 8%. These changes have been accompanied by a reduction in revenue from $461.5 million to $427 million – a 7.5% decline. This decline has led to a decline in the hospital’s profit margin from $23.075 million to a negative of $1.495 million – a decline of 106.5%. This decline in revenue appears to have been initiated by the loss of the Obstetrics program and the erosion of general surgery volumes. The number of discharges, patient days, ADC, Surgeries, OP visits and ED visits. The only increase is related to ALOS which increased from 4.0 to 4.3. Zuckerman et al (2002) noted that mandatory health maintenance organizations (HMO) programs have had a positive impact on both adults and children and has resulted in less dependence on emergency room for medical care. There is an increase in the use of preventative care. Zuckerman et al (2002) also pointed to differences in access between people enrolled in Medicaid managed car e and low-income privately insured people. This difference seems to have positively impacted the percentage of patients using Medicaid and Medicare while negatively impacting the percentage of patients using the facility who are insured. Gaynor and Haas-Wilson (1999, p. ... The memos and telephone conversations seem to be pointing towards the legislative mindset of reducing payments to hospitals. There are also changes in how physicians are reimbursed and this has implications for health care in the county. However, although everyone is affected Robert Holland who is not directly employed in the health sector appears to be the only person who knows how to impact the legislative changes to the health care policy. There is an urgent need for improvement in health care policies and the suggestion made by Robert Holland to the CEO – Morgan Reece of working more closely with the Hospital Political Action Committee in order to frame feedback to the legislators is a good one. A member of the hospital board - Dr. Joint, who does not work at the Trinity Community Hospital is concerned that Congress wants to either reduce reimbursement or keep it at the same level while opening the doors of medical facilities to millions. Dr. Joint indicates that the payme nt to physician is not keeping up with cost increases and so the hospital will not be able to recruit any new doctors. This seems to have been the problem when the Obstetrics service was discontinued at the hospital. There is obviously a shortage of doctors which can have crippling effects on health services. This will also turn people away from public health facilities as they will prefer to pay more for private services in order to ensure that they receive quality health care. It therefore means that those who cannot afford private care are the only ones who will visit the hospital. Currently, only some basic provisions can be dealt with in relation to

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