Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Child Abuse Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Child Abuse - Essay Example We should not violate the rules. Breaking the law and ruining other's human rights will mean consequences. No one would ever want to be harmed, or neither experience pain and great depression or anxiety due to some reasons of failure and inferiority complex done by the people around this organism. Love is the only solution and only the cure and prevention to the bad products of abusing. But love seems to disappear on the way of these poor children. According to a politician "children who are not loved and are not given emotional affections became adults who are fool of hatred". Once a child came to this kind of heartaches they do come to be like those who pulled his heart out. The Asahi Evening News reported that the rate of children being abused had increased than last year for about 30%. The experts are saying that more mother are carrying the whole responsibilities of rearing children and parenting, due to this kind of problem the children catches all the pain that made them be victims, aside from that issue the mass people don't cooperate well, they have the responsibility to report abuses that are happening on their community. The Daily Yomiuri of Japan said that the death rate of children who are abused also increases due to some cases like; the child is left alone inside the house and some are stocked on a car. And those parents are caught to be playing on a pachinko pinball machine, the set aside their duty to take good care of their children for just a game and leisure's. The authorities decided to be stricter on filing complaints to those careless parents. As we can see parents are supposed to be caring their children and if that so they will not leave those poor children in vein just like an animal right According to the January 1990 issue of the Science Digest, 87% of prisoners in jail experienced being bitten and kicked by their own parents during childhood, the reason why according to them, they became criminals and even by actual seeing a violent scene or event can also cause these children on their way to adulthood to become violent too. That's how they imitate old ones. As we all know children are great imitators. Some experts are saying that these children who have experienced bullying from parents during childhood will also show on their behavior a violence acts as they grew up and made harm to their siblings too or of the young ages just the same of what they had in their past. We should not let abusing go for long. Children must be treated with love and harmonious affections and not hatred and punishments without any valid reasons. There are bad results of course if one had come to this kind of situation. Physically, verbally and sexually abused women during childhood will forever respond negatively unto stress according to The Dallas Morning News. The research of the Emory University in Atlanta, regarding hormone's functions, had come up with a result that those women who experienced abusage are tired faster than those who are not. Enza Mattas, Regional Center for Attention to Mistreated Children (Crami) Coordinator state that 90% of the street children decided to leave their family because of physical abuses and sexual abuse too. These children are saying that this is the reason why they turned to drug abuse. Through the O Estado de S. Paulo of Brazil, Mattas warned the health professionals and teachers to become alert to signs of abuses such as; changes on their

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