Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Jekyll And Hyde Letter Essay

At last I can now relate to you regarding that quite awful episode at our friend Dr. Jekyll’s window a while back. I feel I must bring you up to date on the shocking events that have occurred since our last departure. I have just read the letter of our lost friend Henry on his demeanor before he disappeared. Little was I to know what was held within these few pages that would rock and distress my very soul. It appears that there was once more to Henry Jekyll, the simple and righteous doctor, than we once knew. In his letter he pays particular attention to a sort of â€Å"dual nature† which has been troubling him all his later life. His study has been directed by the ideas of man being not one but in fact two. This seems most unusual and out of the ordinary, he became obsessive about his work by experimenting with his very self, it appears that he purchased some chemicals for his personal consumption that he knew would â€Å"shake the very fortress of identity†. There was indeed more to come, and I still must, even now, reassure myself as to its truth or its couple with human sanity. It appears that the murderous intent from within Mr. Hyde is, in fact, from within the centre of Henry Jekyll, Henry Jekyll is Mr. Hyde. For when Henry should take this particular concoction it distorts his body and brings out the very worst of what we thought of as an ordinary man. It is hard to understand that such a fiend is locked up within all but some choose to let it out more than others with varying effects. Our poor friend had the choice between these two characters. When Hyde was true Jekyll was non-existent, enslaved to evil as the antidote wore off. And with this in mind he continued to use this unusual life changing ability, which would grow more troublesome. Only now do I come to realize that Henry Jekyll is no longer, forced to take his life because of man’s curiosity to know more and evil heart. I feel saddened to know that he could not feel happy enough to communicate his troubles to us decided to keep his troubles to his self. Now I now the answer behind his curious will which seemed so mysterious at the time. Though I feel sorry for him I also know an unsensing feeling that Henry Jekyll began to like Hyde despite his murderous character, for this I feel Jekyll had himself to blame. What could possess a man to do such an awful thing to himself as that. Yours Sincerely, P.S I have enclosed a copy of the letter from Henry Following for your own reading.

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