Saturday, November 2, 2019

Issue of Management of Change Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Issue of Management of Change - Research Paper Example Change Management is very important for the company and should be its top priority. It is necessary to admit that the paper pays also attention to public and private sector industry because they will give the opportunity to examine change management in the very details. The purpose of the paper is to examine the current trends of various changes such as environmental and demographic changes in the public sector. The paper also takes into consideration strategies and models to be applied to change management. Finally, the paper involves the right change management. It is very important because change management is the best of the rapid development of every business either private or public. Due to globalization processes taken place in modern society change management has to be a universal requirement. The term "change management" is mostly used to define "organizational change management or the management of change triggered in organizations or industries". (Change management, 2006) Change management of Dell Company deals primarily with the human aspect because humans and their psychology are the most subjected to changes. There are two types of change management: reactive and proactive. Management is considered reactive when the change comes from an external source. Management is considered proactive when change comes from either internal change aimed at achieving organizational objectives and goals. It is necessary to admit that change management is connected with human resource management because it allows to implement new technologies and procedures and to cope with employee resistance. (Change management, 2006) Change management in an organization means distinctly specifying and implementing procedures and methods to deal with changes in the organizational environment for the overall prosperity of the business. It involves adaptation, controlling and effecting change smoothly. It is thus the systematic approach to deal with change that takes place in an organization and most crucial as only successful adaptation offers positive results. (Adaptation to change, 2006)

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