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Generally Accepted Accounting Principles and Non-operating...

Valuation of AirThread Connections Group 7 (Shaojin Ding/ Jin Wang/ Wenqi Gu/ Shijia Wu/ Tongtong Yin/ Canran Xie) Given the background of ACC and AirThread, do you think the acquisition is a good idea? Briefly explain your answer. Yes. First, American Cable Communication (ACC) and AirThread could help each other compete in the industry that was moving more and more bundled service offerings. Second, the acquisition could help both companies expand into the business market. Third, ACC was in a unique position to add value to AirThread’s operations because the acquisition could save AirThread more than 20% in backhaul costs. The reasons above make us believe that the synergy is positive and the acquisition is†¦show more content†¦The debt payment schedule is presented in Ex 6.) †¨Remember that different valuation models are not mutually exclusive, you can use different model for different forecasting periods. We still divide the value of AirThread as a merger target into operating part and non-operating part. First, we combine the DCF model with APV model to calculate the operating value. Because during 2008 to 2012, AirThread need to pay down acquisition debt, the D/E ratio is variable. So we have to choose the APV model (= NPV + NPVF). But after 2012, the acquisition debt has paid off, so the D/E ratio is constant, which suggests using DCF model. First, we calculate the operating value during 2008 and 2012 using APV. The cash flows of these five years combine the stand-alone cash flows and the synergy cash flows. We assume depreciation/capital expenditure equals 1. First of all, we calculate the NPV. The potential synergies come from system operating cost saving as well as the increase in revenue and gross profit. We use the unlevered (=0.96) and get the cost of equity (=10.2%). We get the synergies cash flow using Jenifer’s projection about synergies. We use the cost of equity (=10.2%) to discount the cash flows and get NPV from 2008 and 2012, which is $1,511.39m. (Exhibit 5) In this case, NPVF is Tax Subsidy. We discount the interests of the 5 years to 2007 using cost of debt (=5.50%), and thenShow MoreRelatedComparison Of IFRS to GAAP Essay1192 Words   |  5 PagesDaniela Trudel Comparing IFRS to GAAP This paper looks at relevant comparisons of IFRS, â€Å"International Financial Reporting Standards† and GAAP, â€Å"Generally Accepted Accounting Principles†. These two frameworks of accounting principles and practices share a lot of standards and procedures, but also differ on accepted policies. This paper will answer those standards and differences but also show the comparison of the two. Let’s look at what ways does the format of a statementRead MoreChapter Two Essay652 Words   |  3 Pagesshowing a firms accounting value on a particular date is the: balance sheet. †¢ A current asset is: cash or an item currently owned by the firm that will convert to cash within the next 12 months. †¢ The long-term debts of a firm are liabilities: that do not come due for at least 12 months. †¢ Net working capital is defined as: current assets minus current liabilities. †¢ A __ liquid __ asset is one which can be quickly converted into cash without significant loss in value. †¢ TheRead MoreSimilarities Between Ifrs And International Financial Reporting Standards Essay813 Words   |  4 PagesIn this research project, we will be comparing the similarities and differences between IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) and GAAP(Generally Accepted Accounting Principles), specifically in the cash flow statement, and we will be using Apple vs Samsung’s financial statement and stock price to compare the similarities and differences between IFRS and GAAP. 2. Motivation(Vicki) Today, with increasing globalization in the business world, many investors are looking for opportunitiesRead MoreIfrs, Us and Prc Gaap1565 Words   |  7 Pages| Generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) of the People’s Republic of  China  (PRC) come from a number of sources, majority of which represent the laws and regulations issued by the Ministry of Finance (MOF), and, listed company disclosures issued by the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC). |   Ã‚  Ã‚   | 2. What is IFRS? | International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), often known the original International Accounting Standards (IAS), are a set of accounting standardsRead MoreGenerally Accepted Accounting Principles Essay1270 Words   |  6 PagesPart I. A. Generally Accepted Accounting Principles. GAAP is not a fixed set of rules. It is a guideline or more precisely a group of objectives and concepts that have evolved over 500 years from the basic concepts of Luca Pacioli set forth in the 1400s. It governs how financial statements are prepared and presented in the United States. The Financial Accounting Standards Boards (FASB), the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)Read MoreGovernment Accounting1454 Words   |  6 PagesOverview of government accounting Government accounting Government accounting refers to the different accounting systems that the different entities in the public sector use. Government Accounting Standards Board (GASB) set the accounting standards to be used by the state and local government. The role of the Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) is to set up and improve the accounting standards of state and local government. It also ensures that financial reporting gives accurate andRead MoreIntroduction, Review of Accounting Process and Financial Statements2050 Words   |  9 PagesIntroduction, Review of Accounting Process and Financial Statements Abstract This paper explains different types of accounting phrases and how they directly affect the accounting field. Phrases which are included and defined in the paper are Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, Contra-Asset Accounts, Historical Cost, Accrual Basis vs. Cash Basis Accounting, and Accounting Standards Codification. Definitions and examples of these terms are included as well as explanations of how they areRead MoreInternational Financial Reporting Standards vs US Generally Accepted Accounting Principles1709 Words   |  7 Pagesdissolution of US Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (US GAAP) (Cox 2008). US GAAP is rules based system of accounting that contains over 25,000 detailed pages of guidance, whereas IFRS is a principles based system of accounting that contains 2,500 pages of guidance. IFRS allows accountants to exercise professional judgment when making many decisions. This paper will compare and contrast US GAAP with IFRS on Intermediate Accounting Topics. Financial Reporting In the past, Accounting standards inRead MoreAccounting Policies, Income Statement and Related Items2283 Words   |  10 PagesAbstract GAAP requires company to disclose accounting policy in their financial reports. These policies provide relevant information to decision makers on choices taken by executives. Financial statements are the final product of accounting process. Income statement provides data for investment and other decisions. The net income is essentially the common income statement form, consisting of classifications such as income from continuing operations, discontinued operations, extraordinary itemsRead MoreAccounting Cycle Paper924 Words   |  4 PagesWAlmart | Accounting Cycle Paper | Accounting Cycle of Walmart | | Melanie Bartholomew | September 2, 2012 | When a company, like Walmart, begins to prepare financial statements and reports at the end of an accounting cycle they generally use Generally Accepted Accounting Principles and â€Å"the collective process of recording and processing the accounting events† (Definition of ‘Accounting Cycle’, 2012), known as the accounting cycle. There are nine steps involved in the accounting cycle.

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