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Value - Violence - and Ethics of Gaming

Question: Discuss about the Value, Violence, and Ethics of Gaming. Answer: Introduction Here in this case study, there is absolutely a clear conflict of interest and issues between a company and its employees, with an outsider or a third party, Diane. She is the owner of a consulting business and is caught up in this situation. In this case study, the organizations director of personnel as well as directors of computing, all supports the database solution which severely compromises with the confidentiality and the security of the information of workers. In the given contextual analysis, Diane, the owner of the organization is in a dilemma, where she is confused whether to create aless protected database administration framework or not. She is anadvisor who is dealing with herown organization. She trusts the framework which she is going to create or develop, and will store the extremely delicate data on that. Thus, Dianes professionalism indicates her that the framework should be secured, however, due to some financial constraints, her customers believe that the less secured framework will also be good for the company. The organizations authorities have a commitment to ensure the protection of their workers, and in this way, it should not acknowledge limitations in security. Diane's first commitment is to endeavour and to instruct the organizations authorities, which is inferred from basic to promote the open comprehension of computing as well as its results. If that system fails, then Diane surely needs to conceive her contractual commitments (Yardley, 2017). Confidentiality as well as the privacy of Dianes customers is the major issue in this case study. The protection and security is the primary issue here. PC experts are committed to protect the integrity of information about people from unapproved access and unintentional divulgence by inappropriate people. The weak security system is the other major issue here, and with this weak security, workers who are working on the clients machines might not be capable of solving several methods to get proper access to information, not to remark the expectation of on-line admittance from hackers. Who is influenced or affected? Diane knows that her work or system will most probably affect the stakeholders of the organization negatively in coming future. The clients of the organization will also get affected by the possible issues and by the less secured database system. The CEO, managers of personnel and managers of computing will also be affected by this system. Diane emphatically trusts that the data which customer stores in the database management system is very delicate, and it is necessary that the system should be secured. Although, here in this case study, the Directors and the CEO, who symbolize the organization, are directly mishandling the workers information through their determination (Wiwanitkit, 2017). Diana should follow the contract, and make sure to keep the organizations clients happy, however, the results of this system might not be helpful to the stakeholders of the organization who will utilize the database management system which provides the delicate information (Leese, 2017). Therefore, the designer and developer of the database system should design the system as per the needs of the clients and stakeholders. Diane should pursue her decision to make a more secure system and must complete her task. It is her responsibility to develop a better system for the future. Firstly, if the option to develop a less secured system is must, then the system should be implemented in phases. In the initial phase, a less secure variant of the system that the managers and CEOs want should be developed. The second option is to inform the stakeholders about the negative aspects of the system. Everyone should be aware exactly about what they are getting. The third option is that Diane should examine the demands of the clients properly because for Diane, this is a question of her reputation, therefore, a secured database system should be developed so that the system should not be hacked in the future. The third option is the best option which Diane should choose, that means she should develop a database system as per the needs of her clients as well as her employers. With this option, a legal agreement is to be created between the company and the client, which bonds Diane completely to follow the requests of clients to prepare a protected system. In addition, Diane needs to develop a system which will store the delicate data, and much secured system is developed (Goerger, 2017). Conclusion This study concludes that Diane must take efforts to develop a system which preserve the confidentiality, integrity as well as the safety of the data of others. Diane needs to defend the data of her clients and managers and likewise protect the information she has. Diane is fully responsible and aware of what is going to happen at her workplace, and how the system is going to be utilized by her clients. References Goerger, M. (2017). Value, violence, and the ethics of gaming.Ethics And Information Technology. Leese, M. (2017). Holding the Project Accountable: Research Governance, Ethics, and Democracy.Science And Engineering Ethics. Wiwanitkit, V. (2017). Reviewing and reviewer: Standards and ethical issues.Medical Journal Of Dr. D.Y. Patil University,10(1), 3. Yardeley, D. (2017).Practical consultancy Ethics(1st ed.). [Place of publication not identified]: Kogan page.

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