Monday, April 27, 2020


PRINCIPALS OF ORGANIZATION SHAWNTIL COTTON POST UNIVERSITY If you really look at things in life what can you really control. Breathing do you really take the time to think about how your breath. When your happy does your breathing remain the same absolutely not. When your sad does your breathing stay the same absolutely not. When you're tired does your breathing stay the same nope. With each mood your breathing changes weather it speeds up or slows down. It is up to you to controls how fast or slowly you breath. Body language weather good or bad. If you want to seen like you hold all the power on the face of this earth then you would stand bold and the confidence will show in your body language. If you want someone to feel sorry for you then that sad pitiful act that you put on will come out in your body language. If you want a certain job. You will go into the interview with confidence that you already have the job. You will wear that confidence so good to the point where it comes out through your body language. Your attitude both mental an d physical. Weather your mentally upset or physically you control how you are going to release the anger if it is released in a good or bad way it all falls on you. Your attitude at work falls on you if you like your job your attitude towards work would be good verses if you hate your job and you hate to get out of the bed to go to work then it's going to show in your work and your attitude is going to be horrible. Your diet is another thing that you can control. If you want to be fit and healthy then you are goung to make it your business to eat the right foods do the proper exercises to maintain that healthy diet. On the other hand, if you don't care to exercise that often and eat every snack that you see then your diet is going to see that in your diet and your health. Those are some things that you can control other things in life you can't really control in my eyes. Your own success can be sabotaged by one person and that one person is you! If you stop having self-belief in yourself then you are going to fail. If you start having regrets then you fail. If you lose focus on the goal in front of you then you're likely to fail. If you stop challenging yourself every step of the way then you are going to stated be (Tony Robbins) you end up taking two steps forward and three steps back and as a result you become stuck in the endless cycle of self-sabotage. Some of the reasons people don't apply what they learn and know is because if there are breaks in-between the learning process then no one thinks to use the far transfer technique by (Susan Ambrose book How Learning Works: Seven Research- Based Principals for Smart Teaching). Do people forget what they learn due to short memories. Some people don't care to apply what they have learned. I am doing all of this for me first and foremost, because I know all my life that I wanted to be known for being a professional of many areas. To also have more income in my household. To breathe life into dreams that I always had and that is to start not one, two, but three different businesses that I can start a franchise with to always have a steady income for my family. To also give myself a pat on the back for accomplishing what I set out to do. The businesses I want to open are a soul food restaurant, a beauty salon, and a beauty supply store. To have learning experiences. To be an example for my family especially my children. To show them that anything is possible and if they put their mind to it they can accomplish any dream that they might have. I can make sure that I always think big and do not settle for what life is throwing my way. Always

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