Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Flood Routing

EH406 Engineering Hydrology I Flow Routing through Reservoirs and Lakes This technique is utilize in Flood warning studies Reservoir spillway transmit off Hydropower production planning Water resources studies Techniques of flow routing, of this and new(prenominal) types, atomic number 18 also encountered as components in a wide diverseness of hydrological flow models. Combined inflow = I(t) Control - Natural quiver Outcrop or Manmade (Weir) Lake or reservoir Q(t) The user must return four types of randomness Lake geometry this allows the storage volume elevation intercourse to be obtained The strong elevation outflow likeness ( = natural spring paygrade curve). These two allow the important S-Q relation to be obtained descry below. The inflow hydrograph(s) observed, synthetic or backrouted outflows The starting lake water supply supply employ Lecture Notes Flow Routing 2.doc 1 18th September 2003 perseverance Equation I (t ) ? Q( t ) = Q(t ) + K (Q) dQ dS dS dQ = = K (Q) dt dt dQ dt (1a) dQ = I (t ) dt (1b) where K(Q) is the slope of the S Q relation, K (Q) = dS dQ (1c) In a linear reservoir K is a immutable and accordingly S = KQ. In practice the S Q relation is gently concave downwards and K varies with Q and hence with water level, H. Since S has to increase with water level and Q also increases with water level it follows that S increases with Q. Hence K = dS/dQ love neer be negative. However K usually decreases with Q. The apprise of K applicable when water levels and discharges are in legality low can be very large intercourse to K determine when water levels and discharges are high. K is aware of a anteroom cartridge holder in that when the reservoir is intimately empty (large K) inflows forget remain, on average, a long time in the lake onward discharge and when the reservoir is affluent (smaller K) inflows fail through very quickly. [In the above do not be muse KQ, which is S cypher by Q, with K(Q) ! which indicates that K depends on i.e. is a function of Q]. natural S-Q relation...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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