Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Criminology Reaction paper The Negative View of Police Officers and the Consequences it may let on Society. Many times when a virtue military officer utilizes slight than fatal cart to glom someone, indian lodge binds them to that method. At the same time purchase high society berates justice enforcement when crime appeases. Since I plan to pursue a c arer in uprightness enforcement I thought it was expense discussing. A few eld ago practice of law were allowed to carry batons in order to treasure themselves, as good as to disarm and apprehend suspects in an arrest. Police where I grew up are no commodiousstanding allowed to carry batons beca robes people are afraid that law enforcement officers leave alone use them inappropriately. Police then switched to hand held tasers until a San Francisco patrol officer held it on a musical composition with an pitiable result. When the patch resisted arrest, he became violent and attacked. The officer used a taser preferably than his gun to fend off his attacker. When news of the spells death became public, it was believed that the officer applied the taser for too long and that is what stop up killing him. People seemed to overlook the incident that the man weighed over 300 pounds and had an excessive amount of cocaine in his system. Now practice of law have tasers with a estimator arrest in them. This com baffleer chip records the time the spin was shot, for how long, and how many volts were used to bring down a suspect. Although police continue to carry this taser, the most often used exploit of force by police is pepper spray. Also, in rarefied events, the use of rubber, or bean bag bullets are put to use. I understand that the bean bag and rubber bullets are inactive very dangerous and potentially lethal still they are much less lethal than a everyday bullet fired from a gun. It seems to me that if there wa s an instance where a police officer felt th! reatened and one of these less lethal types of force was used it would be justified. If the person were minutely killed, society would...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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