Wednesday, April 24, 2019

SCIE UNIT 5 IP Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

SCIE UNIT 5 IP - Research Paper ExampleThe OPA fairness was initiated as a remedy to oil color spills and in particular following the disastrous Exxon Valdez spill at Alaska Prince William Sound. OPA practice of law was passed to streamline the federal responses in cases of oil spill. Here, the law provides that the federal government direct the oil vessels and storage facilities to make proper plans for spill response and further plan for their rapid implementation. In addition, the OPA law was passed as a measure to amplify Polluters liability with regard to damage and cleanup costs to innate(p) resources. This law also imposes measures like phasing out of single hauler tanker, designed to check tanker recourse and mitigate spillage.Tanker vessels thought to exceed 3,000 earthy tons have their liability increased to 1200 dollars per gross ton or 10 jillion dollars. Responsible parties with facilities situated onshore and the deep-water ports carry a liability amounting to ab out 350 million dollars per spill. This law also provides that holders of permits or leasers for offshore amenities, with the exception of deep-water ports bring up a liability of up to 75 Million dollars per spill in addition to the removal costs. In all this cases, the federal government maintains the sole authority of making any necessary adjustment to the 350 million dollar liability limit established with regard to onshore facilities but only through regulations (US environmental Protection Agency).The fine associated with failure to notify relevant federal discharge agency is increased from 10,000 dollars level best to 250,000 dollars maximum for cases involving individuals and 500,000 dollars for organizations. This law also extends the prison term from a maximum of 1 year to a maximum of five years. Violations is treated under this law is addressed with fine not exceeding 250,000 dollars and a 15 year jail term.Regarding civil penalties, the law authorizes

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