Thursday, April 25, 2019

Vehicle Steering Wheel Heart Rate Monitor Assignment

Vehicle Steering Wheel Heart Rate monitor lizard - Assignment ExampleThe establishment would be configured to contact emergency aesculapian services providing the locating of the enduring and it can apply brackens to vehicle to prevent an accident. This musical arrangement will require the followers components for its successful implementation. The first one is a device that reads the drivers heart rate from the detention of the steering wheel. These devices function by either counting pulses or recording the electrocardiogram signal. Secondly, it will be necessary to have a microcontroller for purposes of analyzing and processing signals from the device that records the heart rate. Thirdly, a device for providing voice alerts to the slow driver would be necessary. Similarly, a system mean for use by persons with medical conditions would require a GSM gadget for making calls to the emergency doctor would be required. It is also possible to have the alerting and medical emerge ncy systems integrated into a single system. Figure 1 A block diagram for a vehicles steering wheel with a heart rate monitor The core of this system is the microcontroller. For the microcontroller to provide the intended functionalities, it has to be loaded with appropriate software. Such software can be indite in a planming language such as C or C++. The program will be checking the input from the heart rate monitoring device and determining the appropriate produce for the system if any output is required. For instance, if the heart set out reaches a level indicating that a driver is asleep, the microcontroller should mastermind the appropriate signal to the voice alert system. This system has the benefit of saving lives in various ways. Firstly, the system reduces the chances of an accident due to a driver sleeping while driving. Without this system, there are chances of the driver make an accident, which can result in the loss of his lifespan, the lives of other people su ch as pedestrians or his life with that of another person. Secondly, the system, if implemented to monitor cardiac arrests, can help save the life of a patient by contacting a doctor immediately on behalf of the driver. Moreover, this system could also act on the brake system of the vehicle, hence preventing an accident from occurring. As a result, this would save lives and prevent of damage to property. Problems The two study problems that can be associated with drowsy drivers are the possibility of freewheeling as he or she falls asleep and the variation of stock certificate pressure with varied drivers, who use such a vehicle, during sleep. Considering that the heart beat can reduce with a percentage between ten and twenty, the system can provide legal injury outputs for different drivers using the same car. For instance, this system could be installed on a car whose normal blood pressure is 130/80 mmHg, which reduces by 20% when he is drowsy. Therefore, the blood pressure fo r this driver when he is asleep would be 104/64 mmHg. The system could be configured to alert this driver that he is dosing impinge on when his blood pressure reduces by about fifteen percent, whose numerical value is 111/68 mmHg. However, if a different person drives the car that has this system installed, the system could provide false outputs. For example, let us assume that the in the altogether driver has his blood pressure

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