Monday, May 6, 2019

Case study Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 9

Case study - Essay ExampleShe was kind of vocal and articulate, greeting the other children with a Hello everyone electric razor Z is from an Asian background provided she approached other English children to ask, you play with zu zu pets? This shows that Child Z is able to initiate interaction and blend healthful with her peers at the nursery school, even those from different ethnic backgrounds. This illustrates Vygotskys theory of cognitive development which stipulates that children escape to learn through their interactions with their surrounding culture. Z appears to be a egotism confident young person, who has learnt to interact confidently with those in her environment (Seigler, 2006), perhaps because of the high levels of love and attention she has received in her theme environment.In the class, when the teacher demonstrated to the children how to make a paper boat, Z chimed in enthusiastically, I do it I make boat in the water. She appears to have a strong sense of sel f esteem and is confident enough about being able to complete the task of making a boat (Hartup, 1992). This demonstrates the element of self regulation which Schaeffer mentions, where children tend to instruct themselves through their name and address patterns (Schaeffer, 2003 271). Piaget offered the view that previous(predicate) speech tends to be egocentric and is directed at the self, despite being spoken aloud, hence it has no particular function in terms of thinking (Schaeffer, 2003 270), but Vygotsky saw such speech as externalized thought which children use actively for problem solving. The child Z appears to be well advanced cognitively, and her speech appears to be externalized thought in problem solving rather than being directed at the self.Linguistically, Child Z shows a very high level of linguistic development. She is vocal and articulate in her responses when the lunchroom booster asked Z what she had in her lunch box,

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