Sunday, May 5, 2019

Research method Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3750 words

Research method - Essay ExampleThe idea of having collaborations d wiz online is to award learners to share knowledge, interact with their colleagues, and exchange thoughts through online portals (Geiss & Roman, 2013). Online learning incorporates collaborative learning, which is recognized as a greatly valued opportunity (Tsai, 2011). It not only of involves access to fellow students, but also there is the pass of working together, which makes the online learning more than effective, when compared to the traditional face-to-face classroom settingGenerally, collaboration has become one of the essential skills necessary for effective functioning within the online community. It is necessary that we know how students learn and communicate and that we agnise how the increasing functionality of technology is raising the bar of communication and collaboration (Sulisworo, 2012). Collaborative learning by definition refers to environments and methodologies in which learners engage in a c ommon and authentic task wherein each peer depends on and is accountable to the early(a)s (Tsai, 2011). Bouroumi and Fajr (2014) have specify collaboration and cooperation in the light of the strategies used by teachers in do it possible for interactions among the students while working together in order to be more efficient. Cullen, Kullman & Wild (2013) explained that the drill of collaboration involves the attempt to have learning together or otherwise where two or more individuals gather for learning purposes. Some theoretical perspectives including cognition, social cohesion, and motivation should support the process.Collaborative learning has been defined as a pedagogy in which learners come together in groups and learn from each other through cooperation. Each student takes responsibility for the learning of other students in the group as surface as his or her own learning, and each helps

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