Thursday, May 30, 2019

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IntroductionThe report aims to explore the issue about Hong Kong Lantau Island to be promoted as a MICE finishing. The background, effectiveness and the suggestion of the program are going to be evaluated and state in the following paragraphs.BackgroundMeetings and Exhibitions Hong Kong (MEHK)The Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) naturalised Meetings and Exhibitions Hong Kong (MEHK) in November 2008 for promotion work in order to continue strengthening Hong Kongs position as the premier destination for meetings, incentives, conventions and exhibitions in Asia Pacific. Moreover, MEHK offers professional support and customized run for the MICE sector including business building, advisory services and marketing support. Moreover, it develops value-added hospitality programs and services for MICE organizers and participants. In order to promote the island as a one-stop MICE destination, HKTB has teamed up with a tot up of MICE and travel trade partners on a new initiative named Lantau E xperience An Inspirational MICE Destination, which features a range of promotional activities since 2010.Promote Lantau Island as a MICE destination Three pronged strategyTo achieve the idea of developing Lantau Island as MICE destination, MEHK has mapped out the three pronged strategy for the plan. First tactic is to supplement local trade partners as well as raise awareness of Lantau Islands MICE advantages such as MICE facilities. Also, to enhance promotions of Lantau by holding a serial of major international MICE trade shows in AsiaWorld Expo, which is one of main MICE venue in Hong Kong. Second, MEHK has planned to host familiarization trips for overseas MICE organizers by packaging Lantaus MICE facilities and services, aims to a... ...HK potbelly seize the opportunity to promote Lantau Island to the MICE industries. Because two of the new themes, heritage and arts & culture, are the advantages own by the Lantau. Therefore, the MEHK can promote the Lantau as a MICE destin ation and tourism spots without taking extra trouble. Besides, the focused target visitors are mainly come from long haul markets, hence the global distribution ancestry for promotion is necessary, for example, the global television channels, travel and business magazines.ConclusionTo sum up, the MEHK can develop Lantau Island as a one-stop MICE destination with unique heritage and heathen of Hong Kong. Therefore, to target the potential MICE visitors who come from long haul markets and also repeat visitors. Since the advantage of Lantau Island can target the specific visitors, the promotion will become to a greater extent effective and efficient.

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