Wednesday, May 29, 2019

how to crack a game Essay -- essays research papers

IntroducingSo you want to be a cracker huh?Aha.I know what do you think.You think i d sustainload any shit crack help documents from the internet read them and can start to crack huh?Then ill entreat me CdKiller and be famous as every other cracker in the net huh?NOALL WHAT YOU HAVE THINK ABOUT CRACKING IS incorrectFORGET IT NOWCLEAR YOUR BRAIN AND ILL TEACH YOU HOW TO CRACKAfter you finished reading this schoolbookual matter youll know how to crack Cd shield and how to disable movie/sound/music grouses in the game exe.WHAT WE NEED TO CRACKOk before we can start or let us better say before YOU can start to crack you admit an disassembler I use Win32Dasm and i think its the best prog for crack beginner.Then you need Hiew to manipulate the exe you want to crack because with Win32Dasm you can only take a look into the exe but you cant manipulate anything.Win32DasmHiewThis two things you must called your own to be able to crack progs.Ok we should think that you have already the t wo progs and we can start to crack.LETS CRACKCrack with Win32DasmOk in this lesson ill show you how to work with Win32Dasm and Hiew.Today we wanna crack an game which is very easy to crack.We crack neediness for Speed 2.Ok.We start our Win32Dasm.exe.We can fulfill the main page with an toolbar.We click onDisassembler.An menu pops up and we can see some options.We click on Open file to Disassemble.Another pop up menu show us our HD and we click on the exe we want to disassemble(here is it the nfsw.exe).The disassemble process have start the disassembling may take few minutes (be for sure that you have over 80MB free space on your HD if not it may be that the exe cannot be fully disassemble).Ok the exe was disassembled.Huh whats that?All what you can see is a text written with WingDings fontNO PROBLEMO AMIGOClick on Disassembler and then in the pop up options screen on Font and then on conduct Font.You can select an Font type (i think the best Font to work with it is Arial).Click on ok.We can now read the text.Ok.But what the hell all the wretched things mean?Object01 Begtext RVA 00001000 Offset 00000400 Size 000AEA00 Flags 60000020 What does it mean?We dont know that.But no matterWe dont need to know that.What we have to do now is to start the game (here Need for Speed 2) without CD.It doesnt works huh?SHITBut what does the error message say?Abort messageTo play Need for Speed 2 yo... ...ook which kind of error message the game show- With the message to Win32Dasm and to the String of Data Items pop up menu- There you have to search where you can understand the same error message and double click on it- Write down the number after Offset without the h (below the main screen) for every call and jump command (you recognize it if the bar change his color to green)- Then with the Offset number to Hiew and noop the addressTHAT WAS ALLI hope you understand my text and are now able to crack gamez and other thingsI know that it is not easy to understand (my gram atic is bader then of an turkish imigrate in russland) but if you render it often enough youll check it and crack itI am sure you doThis is the first text i write about cracking in my life and i am sure it will be not the lastOUTROThe text was written by The PuppetMaster2501.I am proud member of unrivaled of the newest crack groups called D.O.C. - Defenders of Cracking.If you have some experience in cracking hacking or can program some graphic tools in Turbo Pascal or C++ and wanna be an Defender too and an member of D.O.C. then send me an e-mail and i will contact you.Lucien91hotmail.comROCK DA PLANET BABY

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