Monday, June 17, 2019

Business organisation policy Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Business organisation policy - Assignment ExampleManagement consultant may be also viewed as lacking of familiarity with the organization and there might be lack of responsibility, accountability for results.Management consultant offers fresh perspective considering that in a certain company for instance, the CEO might be so confined with the issue that it would be hard liberal to look for other fresh, new and rock-steady perspective. One of the ways to look at new perspective is to hire management consultant. Management consultants are known to be exposed to different perspectives considering that they refine to tackle issues most often regarding business consultancy. Thus it is a fact that they excite certain information that they might be able to use prior(prenominal) to making suggestions and explaining new perspectives.Management consultants are known as separate entities of the business. As such there is a remarkable reason to believe that they have no vested interest of th e company for as long as they are paid on their service rendered. Unlike hiring those internal employees, vested interest is remarkably ascertained leading to more complex problem of the company in the long run. Management consultants are objective in giving their opinions and results.Management consultants have no specific time they intend to work for someone else. Thus, it is important to consider that they are of great help to managers who barely have time for management ending concerns.For legal, regulatory and ethical reasons, management consultants are more objective when it comes to giving results. Thus, it is important to understand that management consultants are paid to be objective enough in giving details and results for whatever the management wanted to find out.Hiring management consultant can be costly. This is due to the fact that the mere use of goods and services why management consultants are rendering services is about making additional income. Thus, the manage ment of a company must be able to leave monetary aspect in return of the services

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