Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Operation management project Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Operation management project - Essay ExampleCorporate objectives of the company are to improve and deliver superior customer service, lessen expenditure and at the same time increase revenues, develop best in the region utility infrastructure, etc.The target customers of AADC includes the entire population of the Al Ain region which the city of Al Ain and the rural areas surrounding the city. The population of the region is close to half a million.The business activity of AADC involves the interest main processes guest Services Electricity, Customer Services Water, Urgent Services Electricity, Urgent Services Water, Management of Financial Activities, Update and Archive Customer Information, cookery and Performance Evaluation, Internal Audit, Other Services and Contact Center Services. All the above mentioned processes involve various other sub-processes which can not be mingled in this report hence the report will only concentrate on the Load Demand Notification sub-process under the main process of Customer Services Electricity.The customer is ask to submit a request for electricity services along with various other required documents for the approval from AADC. The customer is required to submit the request for electricity load requirements prior to the commencement of a project. The customer can submit the request either through the counter or the website. A surveyor/technician then visits the site to inspect if LV power guide can be provided. If LV power feed can not be provided to the site, then the request is transferred to the Asset management department. Also the form is sent to the client through the web if the request was placed through the website. If LV feed can be fed to the site, then the capacity on the LV network is checked by an engineer. If the LV network is not available the slipperiness is then transferred to the Asset management division. If the LV network is available the electricity room is located by an engineer to determin e the source

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