Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Financial Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Financial Management - Essay ExampleThe small union is usually faced by struggling monetaryly that is the company that is acquired usually financial problems. The large company acquires the all the stock of the smaller company and makes become component of their business, that is, the smaller company usually ends up changing its and adopts the name of the large company. In most cases acquisition are usually friendly, where two parties enter into an agreement but sometimes it involves hostile takeover. For example if the board of directors accept the tender offer. Many scholars have postulated a number of different types of mergers and acquisitions in an effort of delineate the increasing wind of strategic alliances observed in the business world. Nevertheless, there are three main types of mergers and acquisitions which are based on the structure perspective. The main three types of mergers and acquisitions acknowledge Vertical merger refers to a situation where two firms which is in the same industry but in different levels of doing combine together to bod one firm. For example, a shoe manufacturing company mergers with a shoe retailing company. In this case, the combination motive is to control the supply and distribution channel (Vachon, 2011). A horizontal merger is where two companies which are in the same level of production combines. ... The two companies are unrelated in terms of their operation and production (Carney, 2009). For example, a shoe manufacturing companies, mergers with a road constructing company. In this case the two companies are not related but their unification can only be viewed as diversification strategy (Pablo, Javidan, & Society). A G BARR is company in the food do bying sector, producing flavored juices and beverages. Over the past few years the company has experient increase demand in its product. Therefore, due to the increased demand in the product and the increase in the level of competition in the sector there is ne ed to acquire a firm in the in the food processing sector so as to enhance economic efficiency and scope. later preliminary abbreviation a horizontal merger was essential where NICHOLS was ascertained as a potential target company. After a careful analysis of Nichols financial stability and the market it was ascertained that a merger was not essential but an acquisition of the company was sufficient. In order, to make the acquisition process successful and also to avoid failures that has hampered many merger and acquisition deals a well constructed plan to acquire shares was formulated together with a study of the financial performance of the company was carried out. The company would acquire the entire share in Nichols. AG BARR goal is to expand its market share in order to take the need of customer as well as venture in to new markets. Nichols was the most suitable company to take over based on its financial health the company performance has not recorded major significant impr ovements the company has an annual turnover of

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