Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Supply in Health Care Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Supply in Health Care - Essay Exampleic interest is heavily invested in it because human life or health is at stake so that the sector is often seen as insulated from traditional market forces (Feldstein, 2011, p. 513). Issues of worship and ethics, hence, are included as drivers of the supply and demand. In addition, public policy in terms of the organization and regulation of medical ser delinquencys has also been change magnitude in the United States, which is highlighted by the flagship universal healthcare program of the Obama administration.On the supply side, one can say that economic forces are present and significant. For instance, thither is the case of projected physician shortage in the United States. According to Snyderman, Sheldon and Bischoff (2002), this would stir serious ramifications, limiting access to healthcare dramatically (p.168). In stringently economic terms, once the supply is scarce and demand is high, prices for physician services could inevitably ri se. This is demonstrated in the manner by which anesthesiologists could demand high fees. The dexterity set involved is very important and, hence, hospitals and patients have very little choice but to pay for them. This is highlighted by the fact that in some areas, anesthesiologists have banded together into groups and associations, enabling them to monopolize and dictate standard prices for their services. This is what Getzen (2010) referred to as control over supply in this submarket, wherein professional associations has increased profits for members (p.177) only in all, the price of physician services, as Feldstein stressed, will rise in response to fewer supply of physicians, according to the principle of supply and demand, or vice versa through the impact of competition (p.398). Elasticity for this submarket, hence, could be elastic or inelastic. In a highly competitive condition, it could be elastic whereas in instances wherein no close substitutes are available such as in the case of a monopoly by professional groups or a sheer scarcity of

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