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Marketing report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Marketing report - Essay Example Some of the major findings from the report were that the business was not as aggressive in marketing as some of the competitor companies, hence leading to the small market share of the global market that the company has. The staff motivation was poor and most of them did not feel appreciated enough for their efforts in the company. Introduction The Kingsway group of company is an organisation that deals with imports and exports of new and used motor vehicles from Japan and Germany. For the past five years, the company has grown from exporting only used Toyota and Mercedes models of vehicles to exporting of all makes of vehicles that the two countries makes, in addition, the market has grown from Europe to almost all the six continents with Africa being the most competitive market in the last quarter. However, these statics fall below the projected market share, which necessitated this report to review on our weak point and the opportunities and strengths in which we can capitalise on . Procedure In coming up with situation analysis of the company, the report undertook to analyse several dimensions that may have an effect on the performance of the company; this was to ensure that no factor that may have effect on performance was not analysed. Some of the areas that were analysed include competitor, market, environmental, customer, internal and SWOT analysis. the first step in conducting the situation analysis was to lay down the type of data that was needed in every factor that was to be analysed, after getting these, we had to look for the contact people who were conversant in our competitor firms and how their companies were organised both in their internal and external market approach. Findings Competitor analysis The main competitors in the Japan and Germany cars export and import business are Global Motors LTD, Motor World Services and the Kiyosaki Group. These companies have an almost similar approach to the market for vehicles globally and most of their st rategies are largely similar. Current and future objectives 1. Global Motors Global Motors has two objectives that include the increasing the variety of the motor vehicles that they sell to their clients, the second is providing quality vehicles to their clients. This organisation has several agents in the regions it operates, which are mainly in the American market; a group of business tycoons from North America are the main financiers of the group who have many connections in the business circles globally. 2. Motor World services This group of companies has their main objective as exporting all models of vehicles in the motor vehicle industry and making them accessible to their clients especially the high-end consumers. This group has a base in Finland and its strategy as selling the luxurious vehicles at an affordable price, most of the sport utility vehicles manufacturers supply the company with spare parts for their products making it easier for clients who buy these vehicles t o access spare parts or customise their second hand vehicles. 3. Kiyosaki Group This group, which is from Japan, has put its objectives as supplying the need of customers for second hand Japanese vehicles; the second objective of the company is to provide a cheaper way of becoming a motor vehicle owner through offering competitive prices for their Japanese vehicles. The strategy that this

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