Tuesday, August 27, 2019

How long can a inmate stay in the county jail Essay

How long can a inmate stay in the county jail - Essay Example A day over that time, he has to go to prison. The norm is, no one ever serves their full sentence in a county jail, they usually spend a third of their sentence. However, a person who defies a judge's order, and is charged with contempt of court, may stay in jail indefinitely; as long as he/she refuses to follow the judge's order. The Wall Street Journal, posted January 8, 2009, Ashley Jones reported that a man who defies the judge's order, and was charged with contempt of court has been in jail for over ten years. No one can stay in jail longer than the time specified by a judge, unless that person commits another crime while in jail and has another trial, and is sentence to more time in jail. If this sentence exceeds a year, he has to go to prison. A judge does not file motions, a lawyer files a motion on the client,s behalf. The website, FindLaw.com, states that a lawyer can shorten his client's jail time by filing a habeas corpus, a writ requesting a speedy hearing before a judge . This is the time that the trial date is set. People have always misunderstood the difference between jail and prison. Upon arrest, a detainees goes to jail, however, an arrest before the Miranda rights is read, or without the Miranda right being read, will null the charges in a court of law. Most federal detainee goes to federal jail, but they sometimes go to county jail. Reference â€Å"The Arrest Process.† FindLaw.com.

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