Monday, August 26, 2019

The abused Defense balances the justice system Essay - 1

The abused Defense balances the justice system - Essay Example This will result in the violent treatment which he will adapt against others who according to him are the reason of his stress. But in the end the only person who will suffer because of this attitude would be he, himself. As such people are unaware of the fact that their behavior and patterns are unsuitable; they neglect the point that they create problems for others as well as for themselves while seeking vindication in their aggressive and brutal manners. These people think that others always have spiteful intentions; they easily blame others because of very little or no confirmation. They think that their hostile and destructive attitude is justifiable retribution while others find it inexplicable. Such patterns become a major reason of rejection by others. Just because one has suffered a lot in past does not warrants his brutal and negative approach towards others. By adapting such behavior one only harms oneself and the people who are related to him either professionally or pers onally.He will think that all the difficulties in his life are either caused by of his surroundings or are because of the circumstances which he cannot control.

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