Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Exective Leadership Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Exective Leadership - Assignment Example The trait theory stipulates that leaders are born with specific characteristics of leadership such as internal force, intelligence and ability to interact with other people (Wart, 2012). They believe that either one becomes a good leader because they were born with leadership qualities or they are poor leaders if they were not born with leadership traits. Stratified systems theory suggests that leaders perform specific tasks in the organization depending on the ranks they hold in the organizations (Wart, 2012). Junior leaders are engaged in short-term planning while senior leaders focus on long-term goals of the organization. In addition, the theory suggests the duration in which a leader can work in an organization without supervision is dependent on the rank they hold (Morse, et.al, 2007). Those who hold highest ranks stay longer than junior leaders without supervision. Path-goal theory is similar to trait and stratified theories in that both theories admit leaders possess certain characteristics that enable them to lead their followers and improve organizations performance (Wart, 2012). However, they differ in the sense that path-goal theory presumes a leader should define organizational goals and empower the capability of followers to pursue them while trait theory presumes people can only utilize their inborn potential to achieve organizational goals (Morse, et.al, 2007). On the other hand, stratified theories differ from trait and path-goal it perceives performance of leaders as dependent on the ranks they hold in an organization, thus, those holding junior positions require more supervision than senior leaders (Wart, 2012). The grid was designed to elaborate how leaders can assist organizations to attain their goals by taking concern for production and for the people (Wart, 2012). The concern for organization entails leaders’ effort to perform organizational tasks such

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