Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Terms of reference Essay Example for Free

Terms of reference Essay This report is based on comparing six different documents. I have to compare 2 documents from 3 different companies. I chose to compare 3 prospectuses and 3 application forms. All information was collected last year when I was looking for a collage to go to. I will be looking at different parts of the documents from how many pages they have and how they appeal to people looking for a collage to go to. I will also be writing about how well the documents do there job. I found by looking at each prospectus there were similar elements between them and also that they were similar to one another. I saw all that all prospectuses have had information on courses. I noticed that all the application forms were laid out the same they all used boxes all application forms use boxes because it makes the forms look better. The first document I collected was a prospectus from Spelthorne collage I got the prospectus by ordering it on-line from www. spelthorne. ac. uk but it can also be picked up from Spelthorne collage in Ashford. The Spelthorne prospectus is around 2/3rds the size of an A4 piece of paper and has boarder on the front page it also has writing going on top of many pictures the writing is going diagonal. On the cover it also give the viewer the effect of looking at a website it has a list of courses and mouse over hand clicking on a subject, because the prospectus is only 2/3rds of an A4 sheet of paper when opened it feels extra long. A special type of paper is used on the cover. This prospectus has to be one of the smallest I have seen. The layout of nearly every page in this prospectus is the same it has a few pictures at the top of the page of at the bottom some pictures and text wrapped around them every page has a heading at the top (e. g. courses then it writes what course it is) Also on every page there is a boarder on the left the boarder is greater then any were else on the page this is because information is written here like a contents. Every other page has the Spelthorne website at the bottom in the boarder and also it has a mouse over saying Adult education courses see page 28 for full listing. Every page also has a purple line going through the top of it and a full circle going through the large boarder on the left hand side. The layout of the courses is very good they have a big heading in the boarder with a content page. By looking at this prospectus you can see that the main colour of it is purple but the front cover also has many different font colours these vary from white, orange, blue, red and yellow. The main colour that caught my eye when looking at this prospectus was the orange this was because it was brighter than any other colour on the page and stood out the most another colour I thought looked very well on the front cover was the whitish purple that was in the page boarder. When opening the prospectus you can still see that the dominate colour is purple but on the first few pages there are many other colours to such as light blue used as a back ground with black writing on top of it. A lot of white is also used as background colour. After the first few pages the purple boarder appears around the whole page other colours are also used but are not as noticed as purple. They make heading of courses stand out by making them a blue. On some pages a blue back ground is used to make information stick out more. Overall I think the colour scheme is very straight forward but I think they over did it with the purple.

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