Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Hotel management front office operations questions Assignment

Hotel management front office operations questions - Assignment Example VIP’s may have alternate areas of registration or different procedures to improve the atmosphere of exclusivity. Is the guest a walk-in and what are the differences? A guest can walk in and the difference between a walk-in and a pre-registered guest is that the former may have limitations on available rooms present if pre-registered guests already reserved their rooms. What role does the housekeeping department play in regards to registration? The housekeeping department prepares a housekeeping status report to inform front desk agents about the readiness and cleanliness of rooms. What do V/C, V/D, V/I, and O/C mean? O-O-O? V/C means vacant and cleaned, but not yet inspected. V/I means vacant and inspected. O/C means occupied and cleaned. V/D means vacant and dirty. O-O-O means out of order. Does it matter where you place a guest and how do you know their preference? It mattes where guests are placed because each room has specific characteristics that can either please or displease them. Front desk agents can know these preferences by asking them about the rooms and the facilities they prefer and referring to the guest history file, if already present. What are some of the rates given to guests and why? The room rate is the actual price charged for a given room on a given night. The rack rate is the standard or non-discounted rate for a given room type. If a guest does not qualify for a discounted price, the guest is charged the rack rate. Do they accept methods of pre-payment and how is that done? It can accept pre-payment, such as cash and card payments over the phone or online. These pre-payments are done through the reservations system. What types of credit cards are accepted and are there differences in this and a debit card? Travel and entertainment cards and bank cards with installment payment plans are some types of credit cards. Debit cards are different from credit

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