Monday, October 7, 2019

Zoology article from NYT Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Zoology article from NYT - Essay Example Apparently, they can mate with a second female in case she is a virgin and heavy. Using the Argiope bruennichi species, the study found that 80% of the times, the females were successful in eating their mates after the initial copulation (Bhanoo). During the mating process, the pedipalp that transfers the sperm from the male is broken off while in the female to form a plug. Consequently, this prevents any subsequent fertilization of eggs by other males. The male has two pedipalps, thus can mate twice in their life. If the male does mate with a virgin, he secures all 100% paternity of all their eggs. However, if the female is not a virgin, the spider’s chance at paternity decreases by ninety percent. Additionally, the males can only mate early in the day with the same female. Later on in the day, the male spider seeks to mate with a second spider. This is a compare and contrast paper between a zoology related article from the New York Times and an original scientific article by the scientist Sindya Bhanoo. In the scientific article, Conditional monogyny: female quality predicts male faithfulness, Bhandoo and his colleagues found that this palp removal reduced the weight of the male orb-web spider, and thus, increasing its stamina significantly. This, in turn, enhances the spider’s endurance capacity.

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